The Role Of Additives In UV Offset Printing Inks

2022-11-17   Pageview:342

The effect of adding wax additives to offset printing ink reduces the viscosity of the ink during the printing process, and at the same time, the compound fastness is also reduced, which reduces the stability of the ink during storage, resulting in the appearance of floating of printed graphics and text. Color and other phenomena, at this time, it is necessary to use auxiliaries reasonably!

wax additive

The purpose of using wax additives to add wax or wax emulsion is to reduce the problem of excessively long filaments in the packaging and printing process of the ink. Effectively increase the thickness of the ink film during the packaging and printing process of the ink.

However, adding too much often hinders the volatilization of the solvent in the printing ink system, the thorough drying and the surface sag, and the poor fluidity of the ink in the transfer, transfer printing process, and the reduction of surface gloss, etc. Therefore, The use of this auxiliary product should be controlled in a good amount.

Wax powder is very effective in solving the problems of sticking, sticking and insufficient covering in packaging and printing, but excessive addition will accelerate the softening of the ink film, so that when the printing and transfer friction ink heats up, there will be a fault of ink splashing. .


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