Application of OIT n-octylisothiazolinone OIT-98

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It is suitable for anti-mold in industrial oil, plastic, building materials, leather, paint, coating, textile printing and dyeing, etc. It can also be widely used in many products such as interior and exterior latex paint, wood products and heritage protection.












In the chromate anti-rust paint, the chromic acid drink with strong anti-rust ability is produced due to the exchange reaction between the metal ion of chromate and the iron ion of ferric hydroxide, pure ptfe (teflon) powder which has an anti-rust effect. Pyrophosphate titanate can also directly generate iron pyrophosphate titanate with strong anti-rust ability with iron oxynitride. Therefore, the use of pyrophosphate-type titanate-treated silica can completely replace the chromate rust inhibitor. For example, 0.5% KR-38s treated silica filler is added to the polyamide-cured epoxy resin anti-rust primer. After 500h salt spray test at 40°C, its anti-rust effect is the same as that of basic lead silicate chromate M 50 [B LSC], but far better than the anti-rust effect of untreated silica-filled resin. This can replace the highly toxic and expensive chromate, and improve the adhesion and anti-settling effect of the paint film (see Table 15-1).

In epoxy systems, to reduce the viscosity of the system, but also to prevent the sedimentation of pigments and fillers, a mixed titanate coupling agent is often used. KR-38s can reduce the initial viscosity of the system, and subsequently, due to alkylation, increase the viscosity within a week, thereby inhibiting the sedimentation of pigments and fillers; KR-55 always maintains the initial viscosity drop, but it cannot solve the sedimentation of pigments and fillers. The problem. Therefore, using 1 part of KR-38s and 3 parts of KR-55 can not only reduce the viscosity of the coating, but also prevent the problem of pigment and filler precipitation.

Take the KR-58cs produced by Ken rich in the United States as an example. Its chemical composition is isopropoxy tris(butyl octyl pyrophosphate) titanium.

The performance comparison of titanate instead of chromate anti-corrosion coating content/% density/(lb/gal) light color precipitation 10~506.0~8.5 difficult and easy in formula 12.7 of the inorganic filler is easy to have no toxic bonding performance, anti-rust effect (salt spray)


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