Anti-mildew agent LF-20

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Anti-mildew agent LF-20 is produced by our proprietary technology, suitable for polymer materials, artificial leather and microfiber anti-mildew fungicide, is an environmentally friendly, efficient, broad-spectrum products, has a strong effect on the killing of mold, can achieve the desired anti-mildew effect.















Chapter Titanate Coupling Agent
Titanate coupling agent is a new type of coupling agent developed by Ken rich Petrochemical Company in the 1970s.
Organometallic compounds are used as coupling agents, starting from organochromium complexes and developing to silane coupling agents; from the 4-functional titanate that appeared around 1965 to the monofunctional titanate in the 1970s Coupling agent. It has a wide range of uses in coatings, adhesives, plastics, rubber, etc.

Since the 1980s in my country, many units have developed and produced titanate coupling agents. It has obtained good application effects in calcium plastic materials, and the application in coatings is advancing with the times. Compared with silane coupling agents, monofunctional titanate coupling agents have many unique advantages such as low price, wide application range and versatility. The development of titanate coupling agent application research in the coating industry can improve the quality of coatings and promote the development ptfe powder wholesale of my country’s coatings industry.

Coupling agent is also called surface treatment agent, as the name implies, it can combine two different properties of substances through chemical or physical action. In the coating industry, coupling agents can closely combine two different properties of inorganic pigments, fillers and organic polymer binders. Therefore, coupling agents are also a bridge between inorganic and organic substances.


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