Advantages of LF-789 anti-mildew agent

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1, Strong inhibitory ability to bacteria and mold, with broad-spectrum bactericidal does not produce drug resistance, the effect is long lasting effect period. The effect is long lasting.
2, Wide pH range: pH applicable range between 9~14.
3, Ultra-fine powder.
4, Easy to use, easy to add.
5, Non-flammable, flame retardant.














HALS will lose light during rapid photoaging of the coating.
The reaction formula of the latent benzotriazole photo-induced transformation and the change of the ultraviolet absorption curve during the transformation stabilization effect, and a large amount of alkyl peroxides are produced. The combination of UVA and HALS can play a complementary effect and play a role of mutual protection. While UVA filters out harmful ultraviolet rays, it also protects nitroxide free radicals and avoids photolysis consumption. HALS scavenges free radicals and hydroperoxides, so that UVA is protected from free radicals and peroxides. By complementing each other, UVA and HALS can maintain a sufficiently high concentration for a long time during the photo-aging process of the coating to enhance the light stabilization effect. In the photoaging process of the styrene-containing acrylate copolymer coating, the change in the concentration of nitroxide radicals in the film. In the system containing only HALS, the nitroxide radicals experienced a high concentration in a short period of time. Attenuation to a lower level; and combined with benzotriazole UVA, the nitroxide radicals in the film can remain high for a long time concentration.

what is ptfe powder

Under the effect of UVA alone, the light stabilization effect of the coating Ex200 is often unsatisfactory, which is determined by its 160H characteristic of light absorption. When combined with HALS with a higher light stabilization effect, the light stabilization effect is easily improved significantly. The effect of UVA and HALS combination on the light stability of aliphatic polyurethane coating

6001200180014-16[64], only benzotriazole
Photo-aging time/hUVA (Tin uv in 234) The effect of hUVA (Tin uv in 234) Figure 14-15 In the benzotriazole UVA pair, as the photo-aging time increases, the effect of urethane HALS on the generation of nitroxide radicals [63] The loss of bonds The rate is only slightly higher than that of the blank sample with HALS: Tinuvin7701%; benzotriazole is reduced, only with HALS (Tin uv in UVA 1%; HALS only;
292) When it works, the light stabilization effect has been obtained
Contains HALS and UVA
To a sharp increase, when HAL ST in uv in 292 and UV AT in uv in 234 are combined in equal amounts, the light stabilization effect is further improved.


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