Wax emulsion used as coating material

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Wax emulsions can be used as special coating resins. Wax emulsions, especially microemulsions, have some film-forming properties and can form coatings on substrates. Because wax has excellent hardness, polishability, hand feeling, hydrophobicity, good chemical resistance and non-toxicity, wax emulsion-based coatings are often used in glazing agents, water repellents, anti-rust coatings and other fields.

1. Water repellent.
When storing fruits, seafood and other water-containing goods in the cold storage, the moisture contained in the storage will form dew and condense on the inner wall of the carton, reducing the strength of the paper and causing the carton to collapse. The water-repellent coating based on wax emulsion can effectively improve its water repellency. Because of food packaging, such products generally emphasize that they cannot contain harmful substances, so the selection of raw materials in the formula must meet the requirements of food packaging.

2. Glazing agent.
Glazing agent has a wide range of applications, such as car wax, floor wax, furniture wax, shoe wax, shoe cream, acrylamide emulsion for floor polish etc. It is generally applied on the surface of ordinary coating, and plays the role of protective coating, waterproof, bright, hand feeling and so on. Wax materials have a low melting point and are easy to level and form a bright surface after melting, which is suitable for polishing. In addition to the difference in the coefficient of dynamic and static friction, the so-called hand feel has a certain relationship with the liquid grease content of the wax product.

Micronized Polishing Wax Twax-0507 Name: Micronized Polishing Wax Model Number: Twax-0507 Chemical Composition: Oxidized polyethylene wax

3. Rust inhibitor.
Similar to the application of glazing agents, in the field of automotive processing, wax emulsions are often sprayed onto automobile chassis, car bodies, etc. to form a protective layer against rust and scratches. It can protect goods from salt spray corrosion during shipping from the factory, especially during shipping. In addition to rust prevention, waxing on the metal strapping can also lubricate the steel strapping process.


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