Anti-mold coating inhibitor conditions

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1, The substance will not chemically react with the other components in the paint (film-forming substances, pigments, fillers, various additives), thus losing the effectiveness of inhibiting the growth of mold.

2, It will not stain the paint or make the color in the paint fade.

3, Can be evenly dispersed in the paint.

4, the paint is painted after the film, the material can be uniformly dispersed in the coating, can inhibit the growth of mold in the coating surface for a long time.

5, It is harmless to human body after coating.













Another feature of the titanate coupling agent reflected in the molecular structure is that it has 3 non-hydrolyzable groups (referring to the general formula of the coupling agent iC; H; OTi X, the X group in), which can flexibly adjust the connection to titanium Part or all of the groups in the center can be designed to be suitable for different types of thermoplastic or thermosetting coatings (solvent type, water-soluble type, water-emulsion type, etc.) according to needs, making it a specific or multi-functional coating Coupling agent.

Titanate coupling agent is a low-toxic, non-toxic product, and is safe for human and animal use. According to a report by Ken rich [], the L Do of acute oral poisoning to mice is mostly around 5g/kg.

With the growth of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the structure of paint varieties is developing from low-end to medium- and high-end products. At the same time, considering energy saving, resource saving, high performance and low pollution, the variety of coatings is gradually developing from traditional solvent-based coatings to water-based, high-solid, solvent-free, powder and inorganic coatings.

With the development and progress of the electronics industry, construction industry and various emerging industries, in addition to significantly improving the decorative and protective properties of micronized ptfe lubricant coatings, it also requires coatings to develop in the direction of high performance, multi-function, special effects and special purpose, which requires a variety of New functional coatings. There are many reports on the application of titanate coupling agent in magnetic coatings, anti-rust coatings, conductive and insulating electrical coatings and bonding materials for national defense. Although the amount is small, it can give coatings various functions [(, meet all aspects In order to realize the modernization of the coating industry, the application research of titanate in the coating industry must be carried out.


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