Introduction of film-forming substances

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Emulsion quality has a great impact on the performance of coatings, such as emulsion varieties, free monomer content in emulsions, additives, volatile organic compound content (VOC) and formaldehyde content of coatings, etc., and environmental indicators are closely related. High free monomer content and additives can lead to higher VOC and formaldehyde content indicators, so in the formulation design to take into account the overall coating performance.











The chemical reaction and mechanism of titanate
The chemical reaction of titanate
The alkoxy group in titanate is an active reactive group. In the monoalkoxy titanium coupling agent iCxHzOTiX:, isopropoxy is an active reactive group, which is prone to hydrolysis, alcoholysis, acidolysis, Condensation and other reactions, mastering these reactions, you can use the titanate coupling agent correctly to prevent unnecessary side reactions. The following describes the titanate reactions that may be encountered in coating applications [7.B].

Hydrolysis reaction
R is an aliphatic alkane group
The above-mentioned hydrolysis reaction rate slows down as the number of carbon atoms in the alkane group increases. Most of the alkoxy groups in titanate coupling agents are isopropanoxy groups with only 3 carbon atoms, so it is easy to undergo hydrolysis reaction with water. The molecular formula of titanium ptfe powder 1.6 micron tetraisopropoxide is (iC gHz O) Ti, which is very active and can undergo hydrolysis reaction with trace water vapor in the air. Therefore, it must be sealed and stored in a dry place, otherwise it will easily fail due to hydrolysis. According to the degree of water absorption, titanium tetraisopropoxide can undergo a series of hydrolysis and polycondensation reactions, and finally become a titanium polymer.


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