What is the function of epoxy flooring wax powder

2021-08-16   Pageview:317

Micronized wax for epoxy flooring can have excellent surface properties such as anti-abrasion, anti-scratch, anti-stick, and increased slip.


Which micronized wax can improve the hardening and abrasion resistance of epoxy flooring? Pure PTFE micronized wax and PTFE wax powder can increase the abrasion resistance and improve the surface performance. PTFE micronized wax is generally one percent of the commonly used high molecular weight PTFE, which not only maintains the original excellent performance of PTFE, but also has the advantages of high crystallinity, good dispersion, and easy to mix with other materials evenly. Widely used in the compound modification of synthetic materials, can significantly improve the lubricity, wear resistance, non-stick and flame retardancy of substrates, in addition to lubricants, printing inks, coatings and other additives.


The performance of the micronized wax itself can be used as an additive for plastics, rubber, coatings, inks, etc. It can play a role in controlling the luster (high gloss, matting), improving wear resistance and scratch resistance, slippery feel, lubricating and dispersing anti-adhesive, waterproof performance, etc.


The application of wax in floor coating is mainly to improve the scratch resistance of the coating. The requirements for wax powder are good dispersion, good storage type and not too bad compatibility. Tianshi micronized wax PEW-0511, OE-6102, OE-6108 can be used in epoxy flooring wax powder, which can usually be dispersed directly by high-speed stirring.


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