Development trend of China’s coating industry

2021-09-09   Pageview:862

1, Towards water-based development

Paint products should be developed towards reducing VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and environmental protection. The proportion of traditional solvent-based coatings will gradually decline, and the development of water-based is the general trend. Improving the technical level of water-based coatings, developing new varieties and improving the quality of products are the important links to consolidate and develop water-based coatings.










2, Development towards functionalization and high performance

The existing functional coatings in the market include waterproof coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, anti-mildew coatings, heat insulation coatings, thermal insulation coatings, anti-carbon coatings, etc. In recent years, with the increasing demand for functional coatings from end consumers. In order to meet the demand, enterprises should improve the coating preparation technology, mainly including the production and selection of high quality color fillers, the application of various additives and color paste preparation, the application of nano materials and ultra-fine powder in the coating preparation technology, etc. Tianshi offers wax emulsion for fruits and vegetables.

3, E-commerce model has become the development trend of coating industry marketing

At present, the concentration of domestic coating industry is low and the competition is fierce. As the R&D level and technology of small and medium-sized paint enterprises are comparable, there is homogenization of products and advertising and marketing is still an important means to attract customers. As the traditional paint market tends to be saturated, discovering another sales channel is the most urgent task for each paint company. The combination of e-commerce and coating industry will bring new growth point in marketing.

4, Coating engineering service systemization becomes the development trend of coating industry

The paint itself is only a semi-finished product, the coating formed by the paint is what the user really needs. Under the background of consumer upgrading, the coating industry is facing the status quo of “five points of paint, five points of construction” in terms of coating quality. At present, many domestic paint companies have laid out “one-stop” painting services, such as the “one-stop home improvement” service launched by Sanko, and the “six steps” repainting business launched by Meitu Shi, both From the initial inspection → customization program and home service → free warranty after each link, to provide users with a systematic painting service.




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