Physical index of special adhesion resin GJ-2030

2021-11-21   Pageview:269

Appearance: Yellowish transparent liquid
Content: 70±2%
OH value: about 33
Acid value: ≤3















Solvent-based colorant
Recommended dispersant
For different color paste systems, auxiliary production and sales units generally have their own recommended dispersants. For example, SASOL SERVO 12?1 from the Netherlands, for general solvent-based colorants wax emulsion chemical, NU OS PER SEFA 196 is recommended as the main dispersant, together with NU OS PER SEFA 601 or NUO SPERS EFX 600. For solvent-based industrial paint colorants, it is recommended to use NUO SPERS EFX 9085 as the main dispersant, together with NU OS PER SEFA 196, NUO SPERS EFX 9080 or NUO SPERS EFX 365. Cogin’s recommended dispersant for pigment pastes of different systems.

Solvent-based colorant reference formula
There are many reference formulas for solvent-based colorants. Here are some examples for reference. Such as the reference formula of Corning, the reference formula of SASOL SERVO of the Netherlands [22]. The combination of oligomer dispersant FA196 and polymer dispersant FX9085 can obtain color pastes with high pigment content and low viscosity. Adding ketone resin to the color paste can minimize the impact on the weather resistance, chemical resistance, and water resistance of the coating film.


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