Special adhesion resin GJ-2030

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GJ-2030 is a multifunctional polymer made by graft copolymerization of special olefin monomer and polyester resin.

It contains a variety of special functional groups and has excellent adhesion to aluminum, galvanized, nickel, chrome metal, glass, glass fiber reinforced plastic, PBT, PET, nylon and other plastics, and has good film-forming properties and good toughness. It has superior corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt water and salt spray.















There are generally two types of products: one is traditional additives, containing APE and solvent; the other is a replacement product developed in recent years, which can prepare color pastes that do not contain alkyl phenoxyethylene compounds and solvents [18~21J

The development process from containing APE to modern color wax emulsion basf paste dispersant.
Section 4 Preparation of Color Paste
1. Basic elements
When preparing the color paste, first determine the following basic elements:
①Type of color paste;
@Resin-containing color paste/resin-free color paste;
③Solvent type/solvent-free and water-based;
① Compatibility (water-based, general-purpose, if it is general-purpose, please indicate the meaning);
⑤ Status level identification, such as sanitation, environmental protection status, no alkylphenol ethoxylate, etc.;
⑥Viscosity, storage stability;
⑦The pigment used;
⑧ Dispersing equipment used;
⑨How to do compatibility test, that is, add color paste under stirring conditions (the amount of color paste added, the uniformity shown by hand or agitator).

Choose pigments according to different needs such as quality, price, and color.
When necessary, resin should be selected, which is necessary for solvent-based color pastes, but generally not required for water-based color pastes. According to different systems, compatibility, rheology, chemical resistance and price are mainly considered.


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