7 advantages of water-based epoxy floor paint

2022-06-08   Pageview:527

Data comparison of oil-based and water-based epoxy floor paint

1. After 7 days of concrete pouring, the water-based epoxy floor can be constructed (high efficiency), and there is basically no odor under high temperature conditions. However, the traditional oily ground concrete can be constructed after 28 days (low efficiency), and the organic matter is highly volatile and smells very strong under high temperature conditions.

2. Both water-based and oil-based epoxy floor paints are matte and bright (up to 80%), and the fire-resistant water performance reaches Class A, while the oil-based epoxy floor paint only reaches Class B.

3. The physical properties of water-based epoxy floor paint can reach 3H, while the oiliness can reach 2H. The water properties can be used in wet and oily environments, but the oil properties are not good. The oil properties of the used tools need special treatment, and the water-based epoxy floor paints should be rinsed with clean water and not. Pollute water and air, avoid all kinds of complaints.

4. In terms of aesthetics, with the improvement of technology, water-based colors are now available in many colors, which are comparable to oil-based ones.

5. In terms of price, because water-based epoxy floor paint is a new type of environmental protection material, the price is relatively not so transparent. Both manufacturers and constructors are profitable, and oily has been in the industry for so many years. Too big, the profit is very small.

OP Wax Montan Wax for Varnish Twax-1502 Chemical Composition: Montan wax Model: Twax-1502

6. Water-based and oil-based epoxy floor paints also have a variety of coating types: wax manufacturer, non-slip, self-leveling, super wear-resistant, anti-static, colored sand, orange pattern, flat coating.

7. Water-based #epoxy floor paint# is in line with environmental protection policies. It is easier for construction companies to pass the EIA, while oily ones are more difficult.

To sum up, it is not difficult to find that it is a wise move for many manufacturers and constructors to give up oiliness and favor water-based epoxy floor paint. With the improvement of research and development technology, water-based paint will be more widely applied to various floors in the future. In the field, bring people a colorful, environmentally friendly and healthy living environment.


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