Water-based paint mold inhibitor TIO-205

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Mold inhibitor TIO-205 is produced by our company’s proprietary technology. It is a kind of environmental protection and broad-spectrum product with strong killing effect on mold and can achieve the ideal effect of mold prevention.













Typical co-grinding adds anti-settling and thixotropic agents such as organic bentonite, hydrogenated castor oil, polyamide wax, polyurea derivatives and high-solid polyethylene wax. Co-grinding makes the anti-settling and thixotropic agent fully compatible with pigments and fillers. Another important point after grinding is to disperse the fineness of the anti-settling and thixotropic agent itself to a fineness equivalent to that of pigments and fillers, so that the effect of the anti-settling and thixotropic agent can be fully exerted, and at the same time, it will not affect the coating or The coating film causes other negative effects, such as fineness, loss of gloss, etc.

Generally, the organic bentonite is activated with a wetting and dispersing agent and solvent to make a bentonite pre-coagulated slurry, and then added before grinding, the effect will be better. The use of hydrogenated castor oil requires attention to the polarity of the system and the limitation of the maximum temperature that it can withstand. Once the temperature is too high during the grinding and dispersion process (mostly in summer), it will cause the hydrogenated castor oil to dissolve and wait until the paint is static. When the temperature drops, it will precipitate in the state of micelles. This causes problems with viscosity, fineness and filtration. For polyamide wax anti-settling and anti-sagging additives, such as De settle 229, it is recommended to prepare pre-coagulated slurry with solvent or resin liquid in a high-speed disperser. Because the fineness of this pre-cured slurry can reach 10um or less under proper viscosity and shearing force, it does not need to be added before grinding. It can be directly added to the color paste or color paint after grinding to adjust the viscosity and achieve a preventive effect. Shen and anti-sagging.
Metallic pigment paste preparation

Anti-settling and thixotropic agent
Due to the increase in the variety of anti-settling and thixotropic agents, and the metal pigments do not need to be ground, therefore, the selected anti-settling and thixotropic agents are pre-dispersed with the resin base at high speed and then made into a pre-dispersed slurry to be added. Mainstream, such as polyamide wax, low solid content polyethylene wax, polyurea derivatives and ethylene vinyl acetate wax.


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