4 features of anti-mold agent for water-based coatings TIO-205

2021-12-07   Pageview:498

1, Broad-spectrum, kill a variety of fungi and yeast. Environmentally friendly and meets EU requirements.

2, Low toxicity, easy to operate, applicable to a wide range of pH, 5 to 9 can be used.

3, Evenly dispersed, heat stable, non-combustible, easy to transport, stable under strong UV and acid rain conditions.

4, Passed ASTM E-1428-99 PINK STAIN and ASTM G-21-96 MIXED FUNGI test.












In the production of these pre-dispersed pulps, in addition to the control of the viscosity of the color-developing resin solution, the selection and matching of stirring and dispersing equipment, the specific pulping concentration also needs to be mastered, especially in areas with large temperature differences between cold and heat, which will cause the viscosity of the color-developing system. The volatility needs to be considered more. Finally, according to the requirements of the added system, for example, the metal paint system needs to consider the particle size of the metal pigment to select a suitable screen for filtering, so that it can exert performance without affecting the paint. At this stage, the evaluation method of the dispersion degree of the anti-settling and thixotropic agent pre-dispersed slurry is usually measured and judged by the fineness method.

Since metallic pigments cannot be ground, if the above-mentioned pre-dispersed slurry is not sufficiently dispersed to the required fineness, once the metallic pigment slurry is added, there will be no remedy. Therefore, the production and quality control of this kind of anti-settling and thixotropic agent pre-dispersed slurry is very important. Different anti-settling and thixotropic agents have different characteristics. Some have extremely high thickening properties, and some have obvious anti-settling properties. Some can effectively avoid hard precipitation, some can provide high thixotropy and anti-sagging properties, and some can help the arrangement and orientation of metal pigments. Therefore, choose two or even more than two anti-settling and thixotropic agents. Matching is also common in formulas.

Wetting and dispersing agent
For the dispersion of metallic pigment pastes, especially for aluminum pastes with finer particle sizes, since the average particle size can reach 10um or even finer, it is important to select a wetting and dispersing agent to help disperse and prevent the flocculation of the aluminum paste. Necessary, once aluminum paste flocculation occurs, it will affect the arrangement, orientation, metallic gloss and whiteness of the aluminum paste.


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