Application of Wax Emulsion in Slow Release Fertilizer

2022-03-09   Pageview:623

Chemical fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer that slowly releases the available nutrients of fertilizers to crops through chemical compounding, physical and biological effects of fertilizer nutrients. Such as urine formaldehyde, inorganic coated fertilizers.

Slow-release fertilizers are long-acting fertilizers, which can provide nutrients to plants for a long time. As an organic additive, water-based wax is green and environmentally friendly, and its own characteristics are very suitable for use in the field of agricultural fertilizers.

Slow and controlled release fertilizer as fertilizer standard:

A. The initial nutrient release rate of soaking in 25 degree still water for 24 hours is less than 15%;

B. The cumulative nutrient release rate in 28 days is less than 80%;

c. The cumulative nutrient release rate in the nutrient release period is >80%;

Wax emulsion application mechanism:

The wax particles can be coated on the surface of fertilizer particles by spraying to form a continuous wax film, which can effectively reduce the adhesion between particles. Moisture and ineffective, to help the long-term release of fertilizers.

Tianshi slow-release fertilizer wax emulsion, a high-efficiency surface hydrophobic agent used in water-based coatings, can significantly reduce the surface tension of the coating film; during the drying process of the coating film, it can migrate to the surface of the coating to form a protective film, producing a good splash effect.

Using imported high-performance synthetic low-density polyethylene wax, unique technology, soft hand feeling and excellent transparency. Good anti-sticking effect, less impact on recoating, and high cost performance.


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