Application of PE wax in plastic dyeing

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PE wax emulsion can be used as pigment dispersant for plastic dyeing. In plastic dyeing, the degree of good or bad pigment dispersion has a great influence on the quality of the dyed products. Therefore, the pigment should be mixed with a mixing machine and uniformly dispersed in the dispersant in advance to be mixed into the plastic dyeing as a colorant. Polyethylene wax as dispersant has properties such as good compatibility with plastic and heat resistance, good mixing with pigment and easy to crush, does not affect the color of pigment and does not affect the color of end products.

The addition of wax microemulsions can reduce the moisture absorption of paper and promote the uniform distribution of gum in the fiber structure of paper. The addition of polyethylene wax can make the pigment particles surface charge, based on the principle of homogeneous repulsion, the particles will not attract or gather each other, and then achieve the stabilization of the pigment.













Commonly used brighteners are copolymers of butyl acrylate and methyl methendenoate. They are colorless and transparent resins with a softening point of 95~125℃. Some are also called brighteners, because under certain conditions It can also improve the gloss of the coating film, also commonly known as 701 additives.

The brightener is a thermoplastic resin, which is a brittle solid at room temperature. micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) powder In order to make it easy to disperse in the formulation, it is generally crushed into powder for use. When the softening point of the resin of the brightener is low, because the glass transition temperature of the resin is relatively low. Low, easy to agglomerate in the hot summer, so some manufacturers add some fillers to use, which can prevent agglomeration during use.

The test results show that the amount of brightener in the powder coating is 0.5%~2.0% of the total film-forming substance. The brightener is in the process of melting and forming the film of the powder coating, due to the compatibility problem with the resin. Migrating to the surface of the melt, it has no active groups and cannot initiate a chemical crosslinking reaction.

If the amount is too large, it will affect the performance of the coating waist impact strength, so the amount should not be too much. In order to ensure the accuracy of the formulation, It is reasonable to first confirm the active ingredient content of the brightener, and then calculate the amount of addition in the formula. In addition, in some powder coating formulations, the brightener has a brightening effect on the coating, such as sand grain and wrinkle powder coatings. In most cases, the brightness enhancement effect is not obvious. However, after adding this additive, the appearance of the coating film is significantly improved. In fact, its function is comprehensive, and it is not a single function. Therefore, it should be based on powder coatings. The type of leveling agent and other additives in the formulation, as well as the requirements for the appearance of the coating film, and then determine whether to add brightener and how much should be added.


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