Waterproofing membrane to meet non-curing waterproofing coatings

2022-01-02   Pageview:345

Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating and waterproofing membrane composite use is the top plate and basement processing more common with waterproofing methods. In construction methods, construction conditions required, construction time and other aspects occupy a greater advantage compared to ordinary coil, can greatly reduce construction time, reduce the impact of construction on the environment, as well as reduce water leakage caused by workers construction defects.

◆ Base layer treatment:

The surface of the substrate should be solid, flat, dry, clean and free from dust and oil, and the corners should be made into 50mm×50mm beveled corners or rounded corners with 50mm radius.

◆ Paint the grass-roots treatment agent:

Brush the grass-roots treatment evenly on the qualified grass-roots level, stir the treatment fully before painting, paint with even thickness, no leakage of bottom, no accumulation, follow the principle of first high and then low, first elevation and then plane. When the painted grass-roots treatment agent dry can be paved self-adhesive membrane.

◆ hot-melt non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating:

Before construction, non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating should be placed in a heating tank or join the heater, heated to a liquid state, to reach the specified temperature for heat before construction, manual scraping of the heating temperature ≥ 120 ℃, spraying temperature ≥ 150 ℃.

◆ Construction of non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating:

The heating tank of non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating with scraping or spraying and other methods evenly coated scraping on the grass-roots level, the thickness of not less than 1mm, scraping non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating after 3min rolled waterproofing roll-roofing, and then lightly scraping the surface of the roll-roofing material, discharge the internal air, so that the SBS coil and non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating firmly bonded together.

Tianshi non-curing waterproofing coating modifier can significantly improve the high temperature performance of the coating, and can reduce a certain viscosity of the system, while not affecting the low temperature performance and ductility of the coating.

Features of bitumen wax blended

1, so that the construction temperature of non-curing coatings can be reduced to 120-130 ℃.

2, 120-130 ℃ construction temperature to ensure that the non-stick.

3, Obviously improve the product heat-resistant temperature, heat-resistant temperature can reach 85-90 ℃.

4, Assist to solve the sagging of gravity during the construction of non-curing coating.

5, Reduces the melt viscosity during the production of non-curing coating and improves the production efficiency.

6, Have very good heat resistance performance, with good smoke suppression effect.


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