What is the meaning of matting agent?

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Coating matting agent is a new high performance matting agent successfully developed by aerosol process, its matting efficiency is excellent, with good adhesion, impact resistance, bending performance and hardness.

This product is mainly used for thin coil steel coatings and solvent-based transparent wood varnish, can also be used in the construction industry and other requirements for higher gloss effect ratio of coil steel coatings, while adapting to general industrial coatings and decorative paints, leather coatings and automotive plastic parts paint. It is soft to the touch, high matting efficiency, high transparency, easy to disperse, easy to use, good suspension, and will not form hard precipitation gloss even after long storage.











1, dosage/resin: The gloss of the coating is affected by the amount of this product added and the type of polyester chosen. In the preparation of powder coating, the gloss will keep decreasing until the lowest with the increase of the dosage of this product, the dosage is 2-10% of the total amount. The most important thing is to choose the right resin to match it, and try to use polyester resin with particularly strong weather resistance.
2, accelerator/catalyst: It is not recommended to add accelerator/catalyst, such as imidazole or other amine compounds in the formulation to improve the impact resistance, which may lead to undesired gloss rise and reduce leveling.
3, Fillers/Pigments: General matting fillers such as matting barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, etc. do not help matting. Certain fillers such as calcium carbonate will affect the impact. what is ptfe wax? In addition, pigments such as iron oxide red or orange yellow may have a negative impact on the coating performance.


Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption. It should be closed immediately after use and kept away from fire sources.


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