How should I choose a waterproofing membrane?

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Waterproofing membranes are one of the most common waterproofing materials we use. Because of the high demand, waterproofing membrane manufacturers have become more.

1, appearance. Coil surface should be flat, does not allow holes, missing edges and cracks, lumps, tire base should be soaked, there should be no stripes that have not been soaked, no obvious oil seepage at the end, uniform thickness, vertical release end should be no obvious deformation phenomenon.

2、Mark. According to the product standards, the outer packaging of the product should be marked with the name of the enterprise, product mark, production date or batch number, production license number, storage and transportation precautions, for the product mark should be strictly in accordance with the standard, consistent with the product name, must not be ambiguous or mark incomplete and no production mark. In the selection of these products, you must pay attention to the product mark, recognize the product name, because the mark represents the identity of the product.

3, hand feeling. Bend by hand, the coil at room temperature is flexible, will not produce cracks, and will not be brittle and hard.

4, low-temperature flexibility. Along the coil longitudinal cut a few 150mm × 25mm size specimens, according to the mark marked specimen type, placed in the refrigerator at the prescribed temperature for 2 hours, bending to see if there is cracking, there is no cracking phenomenon, good products are not cracked.

5, price. Due to the quality of the tire base material, the price is relatively low quality is relatively poor, tensile force and elongation may not meet the standard requirements, in order to avoid or reduce the use of maintenance trouble, it is recommended that consumers choose some large and well-known manufacturers of products when buying, although the price is higher, but the quality is relatively good, after-sales more secure.

Advantages of bitumen wax blended

1, improve the compatibility of SBS and asphalt.

2, shorten the processing time of the process, saving production costs.

3, improve the modified asphalt low temperature flexibility, 5 ℃ ductility, high temperature aging resistance.

4, No elasticity, improve product plasticity and hardness.

5, Can be used for non-curing coatings to ensure that they do not cure.

6, Low smoke in production process, improve storage stability.


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