What is related to the softening point of modified production asphalt?

2022-01-06   Pageview:278

With the popularity of cars, traffic flow and driving frequency has increased sharply, the axle weight of freight cars is increasing, the use of these changes in the environment has put forward serious challenges to the performance of petroleum asphalt.

Improve the pavement resistance to mobility, that is, the ability to resist rutting at high temperatures; improve the flexibility and elasticity, that is, the ability to resist cracking at low temperatures; improve wear resistance and extend the service life. Modification of petroleum asphalt to adapt it to these demanding use requirements. After decades of research and development, a wide variety of modified road asphalt, waterproofing membranes and coatings have emerged, and have shown some practical engineering results.

As an auxiliary material for asphalt modification, oxidized polyethylene wax has the characteristics of reducing viscosity, high temperature aging resistance, high melting point, improving surface hardness, wear resistance and scratch prevention. Used in asphalt modification, has the following characteristics.

(1) lower softening point, to achieve a lower mixing and paving temperature; lower viscosity, can be adjusted to improve the leveling, good flow performance, good construction, improve construction efficiency.

(2) wear resistance, scratch and scuff resistance: the wax is distributed in the coating film to protect the film, prevent scratch and scuff and provide abrasion resistance and high temperature rutting resistance.

(3) Chemical resistance: Due to the stability of the wax, it gives the coating film better resistance to water, salt water spray and other properties.

(4) Improve the surface hardness, enhance the asphalt low temperature flexibility, high temperature aging resistance.

At present, Nanjing Tianshi production PE wax can be effectively used as road asphalt warm mix agent.


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