How to deal with anti-pilling additive?

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This product has the ability to prevent or reduce the occurrence of hair pilling (Anti-Pilling) prevention agent for each cellulose material without making the fabric coarse hardening. When treated by this product, it will make the fabric form a solid soft elastic resin skin film, which can obviously prevent the phenomenon of pilling, and at the same time make the fabric have a good redirection elasticity smooth and soft hand feeling.

  Product characteristics

◆Applicable to various cellulose materials (cotton, hemp, Rayon, Silk, Polyester, T/C, T/R, CVC) have strong pilling prevention effect, and can make the fabric this effect can be long lasting and eternal washing resistance.

◆It does not make the fabric feel coarse and hard, but can produce a good counter-elasticity and a rich feel.

There is no disadvantage of yellowing or discoloration for white fabric or bright colored fabric. In addition, the mechanical stability of the workshop is excellent, and there is no worry about the phenomenon of drug condensation.

The water will tend to evaporate and form a strong resin film during treatment, especially no heat treatment is needed.

It does not contain formaldehyde and harmful substances and does not affect human health.

The twist and surface hairiness of the yarn have a great influence on the pilling. The higher the twist of the yarn, the more closely the fibers are held together, and the frictional resistance between single fibers increases, which reduces the slip of fibers in the yarn and results in less pilling, but too much twist will make the fabric hard and feel worse. If the surface of the yarn is smooth, the hairiness generated by friction will be less, and the fibers are not easily extracted, so it is not easy to pilling.

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