6 functions of AC-617A low molecular polyethylene wax

2021-12-17   Pageview:281

1. Effectively improve the sticky roller of CR, EC0/C0, halobutyl rubber in the mixing process.
2. Rapidly reduce the Menny viscosity of rubber, shorten the mixing time and save energy cost.
3. Increase the extrusion speed and improve the dimensional stability of products.
4. Effectively prevent mold contamination, make the products easy to take off the mold, smooth and flat surface.
5. Does not affect the vulcanization characteristics and physical and mechanical properties of the rubber.
6. No adverse effect on the bonding of skeleton (metal, textile, etc.) and rubber.













In addition, there are sand texture agents T101, T-102, and T2071 from Shanghai Suoshi Chemical Co., Ltd. The powder coating film can be 3.05%~0.2% of the total formula, small uniform sand texture, and the dosage is the total formula 0.1% of the amount; the special effect texturing agent 825 is a modified fluorinated wax polymer. For various powders, the sand texturing agent HOT-815 of Hubei Misi Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high molecular polymer containing wax, which can obtain fine particles. The final coating can get fine and uniform sand patterns, and the dosage is 0.1% of the total formula. The above-mentioned sand texture agents are all added during the pre-mixing of the raw materials and dispersed by the melt extrusion mixing method. If used with the organic swelling fillers, the sand texture powder coatings with different thickness and texture can be obtained. If organic bentonite is used alone, sand grain powder coatings can also be obtained.

Hammer-graining agent is an auxiliary agent that produces a hammer-grain texture of aluminum powder on the surface of the coating film due to uneven surface tension after being extruded, mixed and dispersed in the powder coating together with the metal aluminum powder.

In hammer powder coatings, aluminum powder is an indispensable part, and the particle size is preferably less than 10jm. It should be determined according to the user’s requirements for the appearance of the coating film: hammer powder coatings are formed into a film. The agent makes the surface tension of the coating film uneven, forming a certain degree of unevenness of the coating film, so that the aluminum powder is deposited on the concave surface to form a hammer pattern. If the coating film is flat and flat, it will not be able to form a three-dimensional effect. Hammer pattern.

Generally, the texture agent is added when the raw materials are pre-mixed, and dispersed by the melt-extrusion mixing method. Because the hammering agent has a significant effect on the appearance of the coating film “texture”, it is necessary to determine the appropriate formula dosage after testing on the base male recommended by the raw material manufacturer and distributor.

In the manufacture of hammer-grain powder wood coatings, the variety and amount of aluminum powder also have a clear impact on the quality of the hammer-grain powder coatings and the coating film profile: in addition, the fluxing horizontal fluidity and gelling time of the powder coatings also have a certain degree. Therefore, it is much more difficult to prepare a powder coating whose film color and appearance are the same as the hammered coating film model brought by Kawado than it is to prepare a general flat coating film appearance powder coating.


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