Effect of mold release agents on concrete

2022-01-06   Pageview:585

The appearance of concrete is closely related to the concrete itself, the flatness of the formwork, and the pounding when the concrete is placed. If you choose different kinds of release agents, the effect after demoulding is different, if you understand the effect of using various release agents, the appearance of concrete can achieve the expected effect.

For the market of concrete products and construction industry formwork storage is easy to rust, concrete surface bubbles, concrete surface pollution, mold removal and clearing difficulties, Nanjing Tianshi launched the high-efficiency concrete release agent, which is made of water-based polymer film-forming substances as the main agent with a variety of active additives by scientific processing technology. Product stability, superior performance, is the creation of high-quality engineering necessary for high-performance concrete release material.

1, Good mold release performance.

When demoulding, it is required that the release agent can make the formwork detach from the concrete smoothly and keep the concrete surface smooth and even, and the corners are neat and undamaged.

2, Easy to apply, fast mold formation, easy to clean after mold removal.

Mold release agent can be painted and sprayed as well, mold formation should be fast (generally within 20 minutes) and easy to remove after demolding, so as not to affect the construction progress and product productivity.

3, Does not affect the decorative effect of the concrete surface concrete surface does not leave impregnation marks, anti-yellowing discoloration.

4, Do not pollute the reinforcement, harmless to the concrete.

Does not affect the grip force of concrete and reinforcement, does not change the setting time of concrete mix, and should not contain substances harmful to the performance of concrete.

5, Protect the formwork and prolong the service life of the formwork.

Wooden mold release agent should be able to penetrate into the surface of the wooden mold, to maintain and caulk the role of the formwork, and can prevent the expansion, bulging, cracking and defects due to the variation of the wood and edges of the formwork after repeated use.

Steel mold release agent should have the role of preventing rust and corrosion of steel mold and the resulting rust spots on the concrete surface.

6, Have good stability.

Concrete release agent should have good stability and long storage period.

7, It has good water resistance and weather resistance.

On-site construction and open-air prefabricated field using mold release agent to have a certain resistance to rain, that is, brush the mold release agent on the formwork by rain, to maintain the release performance; for the hot maintenance of mixed concrete release agent for concrete pouring before coating on the formwork for construction, so that after pouring the formwork does not stick to the concrete surface is not easy to demould, or affect the finish of the concrete surface. Its main role is to form a film in the formwork and concrete surface will be separated from the two also known as isolating agent.


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