What kind of wax emulsion is used for water-based wood wax oil?

2022-04-01   Pageview:264

Water-based wood paint is a paint with water as a diluent, including water-soluble paint, water-dilutable paint, and water-dispersible paint (latex paint). Water-based wood paint is widely used in furniture, flooring, coatings and other industries.

By adding wax emulsions to waterborne wood paint formulations, the following effects can be achieved:

1. Improve the scratch resistance of the surface coating.

2. Improve the wear resistance of the surface coating.

3. Improve the antifouling performance of the coating.

4. Improve the feel of the coating surface.

5. Improve the surface gloss of the coating.

Polyethylene wax emulsion has excellent resistance and is also very resistant. The high-density polyethylene wax aqueous emulsion also has the advantages of high hardness and high melting point. It is a multi-purpose polyethylene wax emulsion, which can develop a balanced combination in hardness, breakage and elasticity. Waterborne wax emulsions can improve the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion resistance of coatings. Can be used as a primer and topcoat for clear high gloss systems without compromising clear gloss and recoatability. The properties of the coating such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, hardenability, smoothness and adhesion resistance are significantly improved.


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