Introduction to the composition of filling masterbatch

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Olefin filler masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries, among which filler accounts for the main component, up to 90%.

The fillers used in the polyolefin filler masterbatch are mainly heavy calcium carbonate, followed by inorganic fillers such as talc, kaolin, and calcium powder. For any inorganic filler, particle size and particle size distribution are important technical indicators. Generally, the smaller the particle size and the narrower the distribution, the better the filling effect. In addition, the filling effect is also related to dispersibility. The smaller the particle size, the more difficult it is to disperse, and the higher the price.

Carrier resin:
The performance and cost of the polyolefin filler masterbatch mainly depend on the carrier resin. Usually, the content of the carrier resin is 10%~20% according to the purpose of the masterbatch. The carrier resin used in the polyolefin filler masterbatch should have good compatibility with the plastic matrix resin to be filled. From this point of view, the general carrier resin is the matrix resin. In addition, when selecting the filler masterbatch carrier, its melting point and melt fluidity should also be considered, and the melting point of the carrier resin should not be higher than that of the matrix resin. At present, most enterprises use polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and resins that match polyethylene and polypropylene with similar melt indices.

The main types of additives used in the polyolefin filler masterbatch are dispersants and surface treatment agents. The function of the dispersant is to improve the processing fluidity of the masterbatch, which is beneficial to the more uniform dispersion of the masterbatch in the matrix resin. Commonly used dispersants are: white oil, paraffin, polyethylene wax as dispersant, coupling agent and stearic acid.


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