How much powder metallurgy binder is added?

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Powder metallurgy is a process of processing various metal powders as raw materials to produce the final desired product parts through a series of pressing, injection, sintering and post-treatment processes. For complex products, powder metallurgy can be processed and molded in large quantities.

A, powder metallurgy processing forms

1, the preparation of metal powder raw materials.

Metal raw material powder preparation methods are generally physicochemical and mechanical methods, these two methods also extend a variety of methods, the effect and performance of these two methods are most suitable for continuous testing.

2, basic molding.

Raw material metal powder by compression molding or non-pressure molding and other molding processes after molding, called molding, the product has a certain strength and hardness.

3, Sintering after forming.

In the closed and protected environment of the sintering furnace, after a period of high temperature sintering, metallurgical bonding can be achieved between the powder particles. By feeding the raw material billet of the forming product into the sintering furnace and in the closed and protected environment of the sintering furnace, parts with high hardness and strength can be obtained. If some special properties are required, some subsequent treatment is necessary. Otherwise, sintered parts can be used. Currently, the better sintering furnaces are German or Japanese sintering furnace equipment.

B, the advantages of powder metallurgy processing

1, the utilization rate of raw materials can reach ninety-five percent, and can reduce the waste of a large number of materials.

2, direct molding, can be reduced or not cutting, and reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce production costs.

3, powder metallurgy can also control the precision and density of the parts, especially those porous materials.

4, can control the material group, composite materials are very suitable for powder metallurgy processing.

5, can be prepared out of some ceramics, refractory metals, etc., the traditional processing process can not be achieved.

6, It can be produced on a large scale, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost and forms uniformly.

 Tianshi PEW-0301 is a powder metallurgy binder 

1.Effectively prevent the composition deviation caused by the difference of specific gravity of particles.

2. Reasonable distribution of large and small particles to improve the density of the pressed billet.

3. Improve the strength of the pressed billet.

4. Less dust pollution in the feeding process.


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