Sasol appoints new director for Mozambique region

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Maputo, Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — South African company Sasol is pleased to announce the appointment of Ovidio José Sarmento Rodolfo as Regional Director for Mozambique .

Before joining Sasol, Ovidio has accumulated considerable experience in the oil and gas industry, and has performed well in various positions such as engineering, management, business and leadership. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA and has held various senior management positions in international and state-owned enterprises.

Ovidio started his career at BP Mozambique when he came up with a strategy to turn the company’s lubricants business around. During his subsequent career with IPG, he led and coordinated the design of three oil terminal projects in Maputo, Beira and Moatize. While at Inpetro Energy, Ovidio managed all operations involving fuel reception, storage and dispatch.

Gilbert Y Yevi, Senior Vice President of Sasol Exploration and Production International, said: “We warmly welcome Ovidio to our company. He has deep expertise and a strong understanding of the industry. The development landscape is also well understood. Therefore, this appointment is good news for Sasol, and for all stakeholders in Mozambique.”

“Supplies from the Pande and Temane fields have propelled the domestic gas market in Mozambique over the past decade, supporting the wholesale and retail of natural gas. sasol wax suppliers in south africa, In addition, in Sasol and its partners Thanks to the efforts of the two gas fields, the construction of natural gas infrastructure has been strengthened, which has promoted socio-economic development and economic diversification. Today, about one third of Mozambique’s electricity comes from energy from these two fields. We believe that Ovidio will become the An important asset for our company, bringing new ideas and perspectives to the company’s development and helping us maintain a good partnership with Mozambique and its people.”

He concluded: “The appointment of Ovidio once again proves that we adhere to the domestic model of win-win cooperation, and based on this, we will work with the people of Mozambique in a friendly way and work together to promote the development of this country.”

About Sasol:

Sasol is a global conglomerate of chemicals and energy. Leveraging the power of its people, the company delivers superior value to customers, shareholders and other stakeholders in a reliable and sustainable manner. Sasol integrates advanced technologies into world-class operating facilities to produce and sell commodity and specialty chemicals, gas and liquid fuels, and low-carbon electricity.

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