What is powder coating matting agent?

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A matting agent is defined as a product specifically designed to reduce the gloss of a powder coating without affecting the chemical quantitative relationship of the resin system. Powder coatings are more difficult to mattify than liquid coatings, and the same methods are often ineffective. In liquid coatings, pigment fillers migrate to the surface when the coating film dries, and the pigment filler aggregates to increase the roughness and produce the established matting effect.

However, the migration from low viscosity to solid phase in powder coatings is not easy to occur because the solvent is not contained and the viscosity is quite large during the curing process, and the pigment filler cannot accumulate on the surface of the coating film in large quantities, so the matting of powder coatings has certain special characteristics.











The gloss of powder coatings can be roughly divided into 5 classes:
high gloss [high] > 85%,
standard [standard] 70% – 85%,
semi- gloss or satin] 40% – 70%,
low gloss [low] 15% – 40% and no light [matt] < 15%.
In the whole powder coating system matte varieties occupy a considerable proportion.

1, Avoid direct skin contact and inhalation of the product. Wear safety clothing, goggles, protective gloves and dust-proof equipment before use.
2, If inadvertent eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water and send to a doctor if symptoms are not eliminated.
3, New msds are prominently displayed and contain information on labeling, transportation, storage, product use, safety, and toxicity.

customs code for polyethylene wax is packed in polyethylene lined composite kraft paper bags, net weight 25kg per bag.



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