Dispersion of Oxidized Waxes in Powder Coatings

2022-09-02   Pageview:177

The choice of dispersant is particularly important in the manufacture of powder coatings.

1. Increase the leveling effect and improve the gloss
The gloss of the coating film is an index to measure its characteristics, and the gloss actually mainly depends on the scattering of light on the surface of the coating film. If the larger particles in the coating cannot be effectively dispersed, flocculation or even crystallization will occur, which will affect the flatness of the coating and thus the gloss. Oxidized wax has good dispersion performance, which can prevent the filler particles from agglomerating with each other, reduce the large particles formed by flocculation, increase the leveling effect, and improve the gloss.

2. Good compatibility
Oxidized waxes have proper compatibility with resins and fillers, and can effectively disperse pigments and fillers.

3. Improve the transparency of the coating
The hiding power or transparency of a coating is determined by the amount of light that reflects and passes through the surface of the coating. Pigment type and degree of dispersion will also affect. For titanium dioxide, the addition of oxidized wax can reduce agglomerates, reduce particle size, and further improve hiding power. For clear pigments, oxidized waxes can improve particle size distribution to allow more light to pass through, increasing transparency.

4. Reduce costs
In the powder coating dispersion process, the addition of oxidized wax can significantly speed up the dispersion speed, reduce energy consumption, reduce machine wear, and reduce the average cost.

5. Color strength
By increasing the tinting strength, the paint will look brighter and make the product more competitive. In the process of dispersion and grinding of coatings, oxidized wax can promote pigment grinding, increase pigment loading, reduce viscosity, and improve the color strength of coatings.


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