How do you use carnauba wax?

2021-06-23   Pageview:461

How do you use carnauba wax? Tianshi’s carnauba wax emulsions are of high quality and effective, and are widely used in the manufacture of leather finishing agents, water-based inks, water-based paints, water-based coatings, varnishes, fruit preservation, and plastic and rubber lubricants etc.

Carnauba wax emulsion application:

1, For water-based coatings: water resistance, high lightening, sticky stain resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, hardening, smooth feel, high temperature anti-adhesion, fullness.

2, For water-based ink: water resistance, lightening, slip, wear resistance, anti-adhesion.

3, For water-based wood varnish: water resistance, high temperature anti-adhesive, lightening, scratch resistance, openness, feel agent.

4, For water-based varnish: waterproof, high lightening, slip, anti-adhesive, wear-resisting, anti-scratch.

5、For leather finishing: high lightening, natural light, waterproof, wax emulsion, feel agent.

6, For car wax: high lightening, waterproof, high temperature resistance, anti-fouling.

7, For floor wax: lightening, hardening, waterproof, anti-scratch, wear-resisting.

8, For leather, furniture care: glazing, maintenance, dustproof, hand feel.


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