Features Offered By Waxes In Coating Films

2022-09-02   Pageview:264

1. Wear-resisting, anti-scratch, anti-scratch: wax is distributed in the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance; such as container coatings, wood coatings, decorative coatings, etc. this function.

2. Control the coefficient of friction: usually use its low coefficient of friction to provide excellent smoothness of the coating film, and at the same time, it has a special silk soft touch due to different types of wax.

3. Chemical resistance: Due to the stability of wax, it can give the coating film better water resistance, salt water spray resistance and other properties.

4. Prevent sticking: avoid the phenomenon of sticking and sticking of the coated or printed objects.

5. Control the glossiness: choose the appropriate wax, and have different matting effects according to different addition amounts.

6. Prevent the deposition of hard deposits such as silica, and increase the storage stability of the coating.

7. Anti Metal Marking: Especially in the printing can coatings, in addition to providing good processability, it can also protect the storage stability of the printing can storage.


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