Adding Method Of Wax Powder In Paint

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The way of adding wax powder in paint, when using micro-wax powder, you should pay attention to the following main issues:

1. Temperature control:

Polyethylene wax(PE Wax) will be dissolved at a higher temperature, and it will become thicker when it coagulates again, and it cannot be dispersed again. Therefore, the stirring temperature should be controlled below 45°C. Polyethylene waxes are soluble in aromatic, aliphatic, and chloride solvents; they are less soluble in glycol ethers, esters, alcohol, and acetone solvents.

2. How to add:
In the use of water-based systems, the wax powder should be made into wax slurry first, and then add the slurry according to the required ratio. Precautions for preparation:
a Use a small amount of solvent to fully wet the wax powder;
b. Fully stir with sufficient shear force;
c. Add solvent according to the formula and stir at high speed to make a slurry for later use;
d. The storage time of the slurry: under the condition that the solvent is not volatilized, the storage time of the slurry is not less than 30 days;
e. Solvent: To prepare wax micropowder dispersion, it is ideal to use esters or alcohols as the dispersion solvent of wax micropowder.
In solvent-based systems, the wax powder can be added directly in the later stage. Appropriate shear force is required when adding, at least sufficient vortex is required when mixing with a spiral agitator to ensure proper dispersion of wax micropowder particles, especially secondary particles.
In the case of a grinding process, it can be added together with other powders when grinding the color material, but attention should be paid to controlling the grinding temperature, and it should not exceed 45°C, otherwise the micro-powder wax is easy to crystallize and return to coarse after softening.

3. Dispersion method: Stir at a low speed until a vortex is generated, then add the wax powder to the center of the vortex in small amounts in batches, and after all the wax powder is added, increase the mixing speed to 1200rpm, and fully Stir until completely dispersed and mixed.

This type of micronized wax product is non-toxic, odorless, non-chemically corrosive, and has good chemical stability and solvent resistance. Can be widely used in powder coatings, furniture paints, decoration paints, motorcycle paints, automobile paints, plastic paints, toy paints, industrial paints, UV floor paints, mobile phone paints, floor paints, anti-corrosion paints, various Ink, coating, paint, UV coating, PU synthetic leather, leather surface treatment, varnish additive, can play a good dispersion performance, and can significantly improve the product’s wear resistance, anti-smudge and smoothness, properties such as hardness.


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