What lubricant is suitable in PVC

2022-01-18   Pageview:254

In the production of plastic films, customers will encounter some sticking phenomena, for example, in the production of plastic films, the two layers are not easy to separate, which makes it difficult for automatic high-speed packaging. In order to overcome it, a small amount of additives to increase the surface lubricity can be added to the resin to increase the external lubricity, generally called anti-adhesive agent or smooth agent, which is actually polyethylene wax.

Generally the molecular structure of PVC lubricant will have two parts of long chain non-polar group and polar group, and their compatibility in different polymers is different, thus showing different internal and external lubrication.

In the film production, the choice of PVC lubricant is very delicate, will be from the following aspects to advise customers to select.

1, film production, general polymer fluidity has met the needs of the molding process, the main consideration is the role of PVC external lubrication, to ensure the internal and external balance.

2, Whether the external lubrication is effective or not, it should be based on whether it can form a complete liquid film in the plastic surface layer when the molding temperature. Therefore, the melting point of external lubricant should be close to the molding temperature, but the difference should be 10℃~30℃, so as to form a complete film.

3, PVC lubricant needs to have small surface gravitational force, small viscosity, good extensibility at the interface, easy to form interface layer.

4, PVC lubricant itself has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, does not decompose and volatilize in processing; does not corrode the equipment, does not pollute the film and has no toxicity.


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