Application Of Water-based Wax In Release Agent

2023-02-23   Pageview:160

Application of water-based wax in release agent, Tianshi water-based wax can be applied to low-melting point alloy die-casting, rubber plastics, polyurethane, construction, metal processing, glove glue, heat transfer isolation, peelable coating And so on in the area of demoulding.

wax dispertions

Wax-based release agents are widely used. Compared with silicon-based release agents, they have the advantages of high melting point, good product gloss, good paintability, and high cost performance.

Wax-based mold release agents are often used in combination with silicon-based mold release agents to have a synergistic effect.
Polyethylene wax and polypropylene wax emulsion with high melting point are often used for mold release of low melting point alloys.

Wax emulsion is used for rubber tires, which can improve the brightness of the parts. Polyurethane products with recoatability requirements often choose wax-based release agents.

Montan wax emulsion is used for thermal transfer printing release layer because of its suitable melting point and printability.
Stone wax emulsion is widely used in construction, casting and other fields with high cost requirements.

Adding wax emulsion to the coating of latex products such as glove rubber can improve its release and slipperiness.

As an important part of the release agent formula, wax emulsion can effectively solve the problems of insufficient release force, residue, and foggy surface during the release process of polyurethane, TPU, rubber, concrete, and metal die-casting parts. Welcome Contact us for samples.


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