The role of synthetic wax in powder coatings

2021-06-04   Pageview:333

In the coating forming process of the powder coating, when the coating film is cooled, the polyethylene wax is separated from the coating liquid, forming fine particles, floating on the surface of the coating film, and playing the role of texture, matting, smoothness, and scratch resistance. Appropriately Various patterns can be obtained by choosing wax powders and coating system.

The general dosage of synthetic wax is 1-3%, and it is usually added before extrusion; it can be added after extrusion, and the post-addition amount is less than 1% to achieve excellent results.

1. Low molecular polyethylene homopolymer wax, with good matting effect and comprehensive performance.

2. The amide wax increases the incompatibility and confusion in the coating components. In the hot melt , the viscosity and surface tension of the system decrease sharply, and the wax base migrates to the coating surface. The result is after curing. A dense coating film is formed on the surface of the coating layer, causing loss of gloss. It is suitable for epoxy resin powder coatings.

3. PTFE modified PE wax, good friction resistance, high scratch resistance, smoothness and texture. Because it cannot be melted, it is highlighted on the surface with a single particle, which becomes the first line of defense against wear. It increases the wear resistance time from the surface. When the coating cools, the PE wax precipitate in the coating liquid, form fine particles, float on the surface of the coating film, play the role of smoothness and scratch resistance.


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