Is It Okay To Use Low Molecular Wax For PE Color Masterbatch?

2023-05-11   Pageview:160

Is it possible to use low molecular wax for PE color masterbatch? In the production process of masterbatch, due to the poor dispersion of fine powder, agglomeration is easy to occur, which greatly affects the difficulty of extrusion in the production process, and the gloss and processing performance are relatively poor. , how to solve this problem?

The biggest difference between high-molecular-weight polyethylene wax and low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax is that one is high-molecular and the other is low-molecular. Otherwise, the functions and functions are generally the same. High molecular weight polyethylene wax, the larger the molecular weight, the greater its viscosity, and vice versa.

Related applications of polyethylene wax:
(1) Concentrated color masterbatch and filler masterbatch Add polyethylene wax as a dispersant in the processing of color masterbatch, which is widely used in polyolefin color masterbatch. It has good compatibility with polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, and has excellent external and internal lubrication.
(2) During the molding process of PVC plastic pipes, polyethylene wax is added as a dispersant, lubricant and brightener to enhance the degree of plasticization, improve the toughness and surface smoothness of plastic products, and is widely used in PVC composite stabilizers.
(3) Polyethylene wax enhances the light resistance and chemical properties of ink, and can be used as a carrier of pigments, which can improve the wear resistance of paints and inks, improve the dispersibility of pigments and fillers, and has good anti-sedimentation effect, and can be used as paints and inks The flatting agent makes the product have good gloss and three-dimensional effect.
(4) Wax products are widely used in the production of various wax products such as floor wax, car wax, glazing wax, candles, crayons, etc., to improve the softening point of wax products, increase their strength and surface gloss.
(5) The cable material is used as a lubricant for cable insulation materials, which can enhance the diffusion of fillers, increase the extrusion molding rate, increase the flow rate of the mold, and facilitate demoulding.

Wax powder plays a role of lubrication and dispersion in the color masterbatch system, increasing the compatibility with resins such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resins, and polyethylene wax has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, Chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, when added to the masterbatch system, can increase the extrudability of the masterbatch, improve production efficiency, and at the same time increase the gloss and processing performance of the product.


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