Application Of Emulsifying Wax On Skin

2024-01-16   Pageview:180

The application of emulsified wax on leathers. Emulsified wax can be used in many fields. In the leather industry, it is mainly used as a leather coating additive and is used for bottom, middle and top coatings. It has good performance. It can make the finished product look beautiful, feel plump, soft, have a natural and soft luster, and improve wear resistance, water resistance and flex resistance.

After painting, the damage to the skin can be covered. The main raw materials of emulsified wax are wax and emulsifier. Since wax has the common characteristics of waterproofing and lubrication, but also has differences in oiliness, viscosity, brittleness, toughness, meltability and gloss. Therefore, the specific choice of wax as the raw material of emulsified wax depends on the characteristics of the emulsified wax product. Depends on the purpose of use and indicator requirements.

The leather finishing agent produced by Tianshi is the main additive for coating high-end leather, and can give the leather a special brightness and waxy feel. In terms of use, it can be divided into soft wax and hard wax, which are used for the bottom, middle and top coating of the skin respectively. According to the ionic properties of the emulsion, it can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic types. Wax emulsion can be used in conjunction with finishing agents with different ionic properties.

From the dosage form, it can be made into emulsion type or solid emulsified wax. All products have good water solubility, stable emulsion, and no stratification or floating wax during long-term storage. This product is suitable for coating all kinds of leathers. After coating, the leather of the leather will have a soft and natural luster, a plump and moist feel, and can improve the friction resistance of the leather.

Tianshi’s leather emulsified wax products are used in leather coating, which can make the skin beautiful in appearance, full to the touch, soft, natural and soft in luster, and improve wear resistance. The application prospects are very good.


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