Latex paint coating defoamer

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Latex paint coating defoamer is a defoamer specially designed for all kinds of water-based industrial paints and water-based furniture paints. It has excellent dynamic defoaming, anti-foaming efficiency and long-lasting defoaming ability, and has good affinity with the system. There is no shrinkage phenomenon, and it can be applied to latex systems such as styrene, butadiene, acrylic acid, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymers, ethylene/vinyl acetate and water-soluble alkyd.










When decorating, a layer of latex paint will be applied after the putty is scraped. Latex paint can choose a variety of colors, and can make the wall more flat, so many people will choose to paint a layer of latex paint after scraping the putty. In the process of mixing paint, latex paint may produce foam, and latex paint coating defoamer can solve this problem well.

Latex paint can be divided into solid and liquid according to the classification of ingredients. The liquid ingredients are: synthetic resin emulsion, water, and additives. The main solid components are: fillers and pigments. The type of latex paint is divided into top coat and primer, with the same basic composition. The primer usually contains more water and resin emulsion, because the main function of the primer is to form a paint film to insulate the base surface (putty, etc.) from the alkaline erosion of the top paint pigment.

Latex paint will produce foam when it is used, and some additives will also be added according to different needs to achieve the best effect of painting.

Latex paint is a popular basic building material. When purchasing, it depends not only on the brand, but also on the ingredients. The addition of latex paint defoaming agent will directly affect the quality of the product. Only when you buy it carefully in all aspects, you can buy it. To a good latex paint.

TP-80B is a synthetic wax used for rubber plastics, MDF and chipboards, hot melt adhesives, wax emulsions, etc.


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