Fischer-Tropsch wax in rubber

2021-08-10   Pageview:277

The application of Fischer-Tropsch wax mainly include PVC plastic processing, craft candles, filling masterbatches, plastic wood processing, tire and rubber industry with a small amount of application after compounding, hot melt adhesives, inks, coatings, modified asphalt and other fields to be expanded and developed.

High melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax, such as 105℃ sasol fischer tropsch wax can replace imported Fischer-Tropsch wax and polyethylene wax in PVC processing, ink and coating, rubber protection field. When used as external lubricant of PVC, since Fischer-Tropsch wax has lower viscosity than polyethylene wax, the amount used is 70% of polyethylene wax to achieve the same lubricating effect, and the product has good anti-oxidation ability and good weather resistance.

Plastic processing industry

105℃ Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly used as external lubricant and stabilizer additives in PVC processing. At present, the output of domestic PVC is about 16 million tons, and the Fischer-Tropsch wax added as external lubricant accounts for 3‰-8‰ of PVC output, about 100,000 tons. Since lead salt stabilizer is toxic and easily volatilized during processing, which is harmful to human body, it is mandatory for domestic manufacturers of PVC to replace lead salt stabilizer with calcium-zinc stabilizer, but the lubricating effect of calcium-zinc stabilizer is general, and Fischer-Tropsch wax needs to be added to enhance lubricity, increase processing extrusion efficiency and significantly improve the surface gloss of products.

 Rubber protective wax

Domestic rubber protective wax is generally compounded with paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax, which can slow down the ozone aging process of unsaturated rubber and is widely used in tires and rubber products. Foreign countries have applied Fischer-Tropsch waxes in the field of rubber protective waxes, and usually choose Fischer-Tropsch waxes with very low oil content, and choose Fischer-Tropsch wax products with different carbon number distribution according to different formulations. Domestic Fischer-Tropsch waxes are also starting to enter this field, mainly 70℃ Fischer-Tropsch waxes are used to replace about 20% of paraffin waxes and are used in combination with microcrystalline waxes.

Hot melt adhesive industry

Hot melt adhesives are mainly used in the fields of automotive interiors, paper pasting, shoes, packaging, etc. The performance requirements of hot melt adhesives in these fields are mainly to improve heat resistance, fast bonding and quick drying, etc. Adding high melting point Fischer-Tropsch wax can improve the performance of hot melt adhesives.

At present, Fischer-Tropsch wax is mainly used in plastic processing, plate processing and candle industry. With the improvement of domestic Fischer-Tropsch wax product quality and the expansion of application in candle, plate processing, rubber protection, ink and coating, the market demand is expected to go up in 2022.


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