PE Wax Emulsion for Waterbased Coating OE-6102

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products OE-6102
Appearance off- white emulsion
PE wax properties Oxidized HDPE
Melting point ℃ 115
pH 7-9
Ionic nature Non
Solid content 36%

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø Oxidized polyethylene wax is a synthetic wax. It has different melting point, hardness, and density, polyethylene wax is a very good choice under the high temperature condition. Wax emulsion refers to the water-based system with the particle size distribution below 1 μ m, distinguished by the emulsion iconicity, it can be non-ionic, anionic, and cationic. Wax emulsion is different from wax dispersion, it has no matting effect, and be used for coating and inks which has high requirement on gloss.
Ø OE-6102 is a kind of wax emulsion which with properties of high gloss keeping effect and outstanding abrasion resistance effect, suitable to be used in water-based coating and inks.
Ø OE-6102 can be used for water-based coating systems and polish agent, polish oil fields like floor, leather, furniture, automotive, paper and others, as well as the production of liquid shoe polish, metal mold release agents, and other industries.
Ø When added into the leather finishing agents, it can increase the feeling and brightness; when added into the color paste, it can provide flatting effect and can prevent the coating from stickiness when meet heat.

Contents and Usage
Ø Added directly into systems, stir and use, dosage is generally between 2-10 %.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Plastic barrel, 25 kg/barrel
Ø This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.


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