How to achieve a smooth feel of printing glue?

2022-02-18   Pageview:152

The compound use of silky feel agent and lotus leaf hydrophobic agent brings better anti-blocking and smooth feel to the printing paste. Clothes printed with glue are prone to problems such as sticking, easy contamination, and poor stability of the printing pattern. The main raw material of printing glue is resin, which is easy to stick back, and the wax emulsion can have the effect of anti-adhesion and smooth hand feeling.

Printing glue is widely used in clothing. The color paste is printed on the cloth by the method of color separation and overprinting. Relying on the cross-linking agent binder in the color paste to bond the color paste to the cloth surface, it is suitable for blended fabrics of various fibers such as cotton, hemp, viscose, polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and vinyl. Because of its very good coverage, any color can be printed on dark clothes, and it has a certain gloss and three-dimensional effect, making the ready-to-wear look more upscale!

The printing glue release agent is added in the process of preparing printing glue, which can effectively solve the above problems, and it will be used on almost every printing T.

Advantages of printing glue release agent:

1. It has excellent film-forming properties, anti-adhesion and water resistance.

2. The film layer is flexible and the surface is smooth.

3. The compatibility is better, the fabric has good fastness after printing, does not block the net, and the equipment is easy to clean.

4. Significantly improve the anti-scratch performance and anti-stickiness of the glue surface.

5. The wax additives will drift to the surface of the glue and gradually migrate to the surface of the glue, thus playing a certain protective role, making the fabric difficult to stick to other materials.


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