Application Of Wax Emulsion In Seed Coating Film-forming Agent

2024-04-26   Pageview:83

The application of wax emulsion in seed coating film-forming agent. Wax emulsion is a water dispersion of polyolefin wax. Polyolefin wax is dispersed in water in the form of solid particles. According to the type of emulsifier, it can be divided into anionic and anionic wax emulsions. Sub-, non-ionic and cationic mentality. The particle size can be processed according to requirements, ranging from less than 100 nanometers to greater than 5 micrometers.

The characteristics of wax emulsion suitable for coating film-forming agents:
1. The wax emulsion is non-toxic, does not contain VOC, and has no harmful effects on seeds, soil and human body.
2. During the seed coating process, the wax particles migrate to the coating surface to form a thin layer of protection, increase the surface drying speed of the coating, and reduce adhesion and damage between seeds during drying and film formation.
3. The hardness, slipperiness and friction resistance of the film-forming agent added to the wax emulsion are significantly improved, thus improving the wear resistance, fluidity and seed suitability of the seeds. At the same time, the brightness and vividness of the coating are also improved.

Seed coating film-forming agent has excellent hiding properties, gloss and eye-catching color, has excellent adhesion, and is safe for seeds. The growth of seeds requires protection and nutrition. It will contain protection and nutrients. Ingredients of products. When applied to seeds, it must be reasonable and effective without affecting the performance of these ingredients and seeds. This goal can be achieved through seed packages.


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