Function of defoamer in paint production

2021-09-01   Pageview:825

The general coating defoamer is added directly to the original solution, or can be added in batches, adding half at the grinding stage to inhibit foam generation, and then adding the other half at the paint mixing stage. The longevity of this product is related to the system. Adding amount is 0.1~0.5% of the total formula. Please experiment for the best use amount.










Functions and applications
1, Particularly suitable for water-based paint system.
2, It can prevent microfoam and large foam.
3, High defoaming efficiency.
4, High compatibility.
5, Applicable to varnishes and color paints.
6, Can be used in airless spraying formulations.
7, Surface coating of thick paste type paint, brushed paint and synthetic latex.
8, Inside and outside wall emulsion paint; waterproof paint, medium and high PVC emulsion paint, relief paint, low light magnetic paint anti-corrosion paint, all kinds of engineering paint, pe wax for PVC suspension resin and, plant or vegetable detergent, etc.


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