Histology Waxes Twax-88 Series

Product Detail

1, Practical granulated paraffin wax for wax immersion, embedding and sectioning of tissue samples.
2, High-quality paraffin waxes are compounded with standard polymers by an advanced process.
3, Slices are smooth and can be as thin as 2 μm.
4, The melting point range is from 52°C to 62°C, so you can choose according to your needs.

Product Specifications

Model Appearance Melting Point Package
TWAX-8860 White granules 60-62℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8858 White granules 58-60℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8856 White granules 56-58℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8854 White granules 54-56℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8852 White granules 52-54℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box

Product performance

1. With excellent slicing performance
2. Easy to penetrate, no DMSO
3. No odor, no precipitation
4. Low-temperature freezing without cracking, high-temperature slicing without spreading

1. Please store below 35℃, avoid direct sunlight
2. Paraffin wax caking may occur in high temperature storage, but it does not affect the use


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