Product index of 455 high temperature coating anti-mildew agent

2021-10-14   Pageview:585

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
Density: 0.90-0.95g/ml
Heat resistance: greater than 250℃
Melting point: 250℃ Effective
Content: greater than 20%














Broad-spectrum sterilization, high efficiency, no release of formaldehyde, non-volatile, good compatibility.
It is unstable when the pH is greater than 9.5. The thermal stability is poor, and the temperature should not be higher than 40℃ for a long time. When encountering reducing agents, the corrosion resistance is reduced. Incompatible with amines and will degrade. It contains chlorine and is very irritating to the skin.
In order to avoid decomposition due to high temperature during beating, this kind of preservative resin wax additive should generally be added in the post-mixing stage.

The preservative has low toxicity. The acute oral LD50 of mice is 2000mg/kg, and the dermal LDso of rabbits is 3800mg/kg. CM IT/MIT is irritating to the skin. When splashed on the skin, wash it off with water immediately.

Examples of products
The preservatives belonging to this category are: Kath on LXE, Act icid eMV, Biocide K10SG, Act ici deF, Bact rache mW 15, Bac trac hemTS 15, Nuo sept515, Huake-88, SD-818-1, SD-818- 2 and so on.
Formaldehyde-releasing preservative
Formalin is a 35%~40% formaldehyde aqueous solution, it is a kind of preservative. Due to the strict requirements for free formaldehyde content in domestic wall coatings, formaldehyde release (FR) is seldom used in interior walls.


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