Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch Source

2021-03-05   Pageview:779

Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch TF21 Appearance: White Granule Type: Organic-fluorine electret masterbatch Model: TF21

TF-21 dedicated to the melt-blowing cloth is organic electret masterbatch with polypropylene resin featured by a super-high melting index as carrier, which can efficiently improve the non-woven materials’ capacity of storing static charge of the melt-blowing PP. Therefore, the long-term stability of static charge after electret treatment can be significantly improved.


The fluorine atom has extremely strong electronegativity and the electric charge on the surface of fluorine-containing materials is not susceptible to dissipation due to external conditions. Favorable durability can maintain the filtering efficiency of filtering materials for a long term.

Interfacial charge will be formed easily between organic fluorine and polypropylene-matrix fiber, which can efficiently improve the static capacity of fiber.

The electret materials containing organic fluorine can be applicable to polarization techniques such as thermal polarization and corona polarization etc.

Dosage and use methods

The product is an efficient electret masterbatch and the dosage of around 1-1.5% can realize remarkable effect (0.5-2% is also allowed as per specific process requirements of customers).

Advantages of efficient organic-fluorine electret masterbatch

  1. Powerful static capacity
  2. Powerful electronegativity
  3. Powerful polarization adaptability

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