Application of CLARIANT Wax Powder WE60

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Application of CLARIANT Wax Powder WE60

Can be used in polyester, polyamide lubrication and mold release, add 0.3-1%.













In addition to weather resistance, the appearance of the coating film is decorative, the mechanical properties of the coating film and the chemical resistance are relatively good. Therefore, most of the products aimed at indoor decoration use this kind of coating products. Wide range and large dosage. In terms of outdoor products, the domestic supply of raw materials for TGI C and HAA cured polyester powder coatings is relatively sufficient. The price of the coatings is also acceptable in the market. The coating film has better weather resistance, appearance, mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

The performance can basically meet the market requirements, so the dosage is also large. However, for polyurethane powder coatings, the most critical curing agent raw materials, especially weather-resistant curing agent blocked isophorone diisocyanate and other domestic raw materials, need to be imported, and the price is 3 of TGI C and HAA. ~4 times, and the dosage is 2~3 times that of them. In this way, the price of polyurethane wax powder coatings is much higher than that of polyester powder coatings (estimated price is 50% higher), and there is no outstanding advantage in performance. It is difficult to accept this product. Therefore, it is difficult to promote the use of this weather-resistant polyurethane powder coating except for units that have special requirements and export designated products. In addition, the weather resistance of acrylic powder coatings is very good: but the price of glycidyl acrylic monomers is more expensive, the storage stability of the monomers is not good, and storage is also very troublesome.

In addition, the storage stability of powder coatings is also poor, and the construction conditions are poor. The requirements are also very demanding. Powder coatings are easily polluted and disturbed, and increase the cost of use. It is more difficult to promote and apply than polyurethane powder coatings. It is currently difficult to industrialize a large number of applications. With the increase and reasonable price, the output of polyester powder coatings has increased rapidly. In 2010, the output of polyester powder coatings surpassed the output of epoxy polyester powder coatings; and with the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the output of HAA cured polyester powder coatings It has also increased rapidly: it has accounted for 41% of polyester powder coatings. In addition, with the increase of large-scale anti-corrosion projects such as gas, oil, axial water, and cross-sea bridges, the proportion of environmental powder coatings has also increased, making my country’s powder coatings The product variety structure has changed significantly.


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