Paraffin wax emulsions for leather industry

2021-06-29   Pageview:1145

People have two major requirements for the appearance of leather products.
1, To increase the luster of leather, such as polished leather, lacquer leather, polishing effect leather, etc.
2, Not glossy, so that the leather presents a sense of leather, natural beauty.
The former need to use glossy agent, the latter need to use matting agent.

Paraffin wax emulsion uses for leather :

When choosing different wax emulsions for leather top coating, some can increase the glossiness or brightness of leather, and some can produce matting effect to present leather charm.

1, Produce bright effect of wax emulsion particle size requirements are very small, the composition is relatively single, in the leather surface layer to form a layer of homogeneous and continuous wax film, microscopic film is very smooth, to produce a strong reflection of light waves, thus having a sense of gloss

2, The wax emulsion particle size of the matting effect is larger, in the leather surface to form a non-homogeneous and microscopically uneven surface, to produce a strong scattering effect of light waves, scattering effect is the fundamental reason for the matting effect of matting agent.


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