How to improve the abrasion resistance of rubber rollers?

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Rubber rollers, wear resistance characterizes the ability of vulcanized rubber to resist material loss due to surface wear under the action of friction. Wear resistance is a mechanical property closely related to the service life of rubber products, which is not only related to the use conditions, the surface state of the friction pair and the structure of the products, but also related to other mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and physical-chemical properties such as viscoelastic properties, etc. There are many factors affecting it.

The influence of rubber type: wear resistance decreases in the following order: BR>SBR>SBR soluble>SBR emulsion>NR>IR. polyurethane (PU) is the best rubber among all rubbers in terms of wear resistance, which has excellent wear resistance at room temperature, but its wear resistance decreases sharply at high temperature.

2. Influence of vulcanization system: The wear resistance of vulcanized rubber has an optimal value with the increase of crosslink density, which depends not only on the vulcanization system but also on the amount and structure of carbon black. When the amount and structure of carbon black is increased, the stiffness provided by carbon black will be increased, if the best value of the stiffness of the vulcanized rubber is maintained, it is necessary to reduce the rigid part provided by the vulcanization system, that is, to reduce the crosslinking density appropriately, and vice versa, the crosslinking density of the vulcanized rubber should be increased.

3. Influence of filling system: usually the abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber decreases with the particle size of carbon black, and increases with the increase of surface activity and dispersibility. Filling with new process carbon black and silane coupling agent treated silica can improve the abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber.

4. The influence of plasticizing system: Generally speaking, the addition of softeners in the rubber will reduce the wear resistance. When aromatic oil is used in NR and SBR, the loss of wear resistance is smaller than other oils.

5, The influence of protection system: Under the condition of fatigue wear, adding proper antioxidant can effectively improve the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber.

6. Other methods to improve the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber:

(1) Carbon black modifier Adding a small amount of carbon black modifier or other dispersant containing nitro compounds can improve the dispersion of carbon black and increase the abrasion resistance of vulcanized rubber.

(2) Vulcanized rubber surface treatment The use of solutions or gases containing halogen compounds, such as liquid antimony pentafluoride, gaseous antimony pentafluoride, to treat the surface of NBR and other vulcanized rubber, can reduce the friction coefficient of the vulcanized rubber surface and improve the wear resistance.

(3) Application of silane coupling agent modified filler.

(4) rubber-plastic blending rubber-plastic blending is one of the effective ways to improve the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber. For example, NBR/PVC, NBR/Triple nylon, etc. can improve the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber.

(5) Adding solid lubricant and abrasion reducing materials, such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide, PTFE powder and carbon fiber in NBR rubber, can reduce the abrasion coefficient of vulcanized rubber and improve the abrasion resistance.


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