The Difference Between Wax Slurry And Wax Powder For Paint

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The difference between wax slurry and wax powder for coatings is that because coatings are very important to the appearance of coatings such as transportation tools, the requirements for wear resistance and scratch resistance are very high, so how to ensure their wear resistance and What about scratch resistance? At this time, you need to use wax powder or wax slurry.
In fact, wax slurry or wax powder can be used for paint, mainly depends on the production process of the paint factory. Tianshi paint wax can meet the needs of different customers. There are currently wax powder, water-based wax slurry and ptfe micropowder and other products. , to cooperate with the customer’s production process and use needs to produce research and development.

wax additive

The role of wax slurry in the production of polyurethane coatings:
1. It can improve the excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance of polyurethane coatings. Since the wax slurry can impart better abrasion resistance and scratch resistance to the coating film, the polyurethane coating using wax slurry can have very good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance.
2. It can improve the smoothness of the polyurethane coating and reduce the gloss of the coating film. The matte wax paste can reduce the gloss of the coating film and has the effect of promoting the smoothness of the coating surface, so the polyurethane coating that has used the matte wax paste can improve the smoothness of the coating surface and reduce the gloss of the coating film.
1). Temperature control:
Low-molecular-weight PE or synthetic waxes, due to their extremely fine particle distribution, will soften when the temperature is high, so that they aggregate and are not easy to disperse. Therefore, it is recommended that the stirring temperature should be controlled below 50 degrees Celsius during stirring, especially in summer, more attention should be paid to controlling the stirring temperature.
2). Add time:
Wax powder can usually be added at any time. But for extrusion type mixing device, it should be added at the last extrusion as much as possible.
3). Add method:
Stir at a low speed first, and then sprinkle the wax powder in small amounts in batches. After all the wax powder is added, increase the stirring speed to 1200 rpm, and fully stir until it is completely dispersed and mixed evenly. Always pay attention to temperature control.

As a water-based wax dispersion, wax slurry can improve the surface properties of printing inks and coatings because of its very good feel and scratch resistance, as well as good transparency, without affecting leveling. It is widely recommended for use in coatings and inks.


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